Pioneer Rayz Earbuds An alternative to wireless earbuds, Pioneer's latest wired model comes with an inline Lightning port, so you can enjoy music and charge at the same time.


With Apple ditching the headphone port on the latest iPhones, wireless headphones became the default listening option for iPhone users. Those who don’t appreciate having another gadget to charge throughout the course of the day are left having to semi-permanently occupy the sole open connector on their phone, leaving them with the choice of either enjoying music or charging their handset at various times. The Pioneer Rayz changes that.

A wired pair of earbuds, it lets you enjoy music on your new iPhone by simply plugging in, with no need to periodically charge to keep an onboard Bluetooth chip running. Unlike similar rig, however, it comes with an inline Lightning slot that you can use to charge the phone while the earbuds are still plugged in.


That’s right, the Pioneer Rayz lets you listen to music and charge your phone at the exact same time, making it a suitable option alongside wireless headphones. It is, pretty much, the kind of thing Apple and everyone else who have removed the headphone jack should have on any earbuds bundled with their smartphones. Using microphones scattered along each earpiece, the device is able to perform active noise cancellation, complete with the ability to control a certain level of sound to pass through, so you can be aware of your surroundings.

Features include on-ear and off-ear detection (it auto-plays and auto-pauses), the ability to mute the microphones during calls with a single button push (so the other party can’t hear you), and, according to Pioneer, lower power consumption that any other Lightning-based headphones. It also comes with a companion app for adjusting various settings.

Available in standard and Plus versions, pricing for the Pioneer Rayz starts at $99.95.

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