Outlier Doublefine Merino Funnelneck Outlier's new funnelneck pulls double duty as a half face mask for those days the chilly wind gets a little too strong for comfort.


Yes, a scarf is a great piece to have when you’re trying to shield your face from the chilly winds of the season. Problem is, a scarf is too much fabric to wear around your neck for that simple purpose. The Outlier Doublefine Merino Funnelneck offers a more streamlined alternative.

Unlike most funnel necks that come with a next-to-skin neckline to keep the elements out, this one is loose, with an integrated cinch cord allowing you to tighten the opening according to your liking. That also helps the wind-blocking function, since it lets you raise the neckline all the way below the eye line, effectively serving as a half-face mask to help protect you from the elements.


The Outlier Doublefine Merino Funnelneck is made from 18.9 micron merino wool and nylon blend, making this an excellent layering garment for the colder days of the year, apart from inheriting all of merino’s technical properties. It has a simple and clean cut that carries an elegant drape, with a looser fit leaving plenty of room underneath for your fall and winter layering needs. A shock cord with a metal barrel adjuster allows you to loosen and tighten the neckline at will, with ribbed cuffs closing down the arms for further warmth. It comes in five sizes.


Available now, the Outlier Doublefine Merino Funnelneck is priced at $275.

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