Oliver’s Apparel Merino Pullover When the perfect fall garment is combined with the perfect fall fabric in a tailored fit and a near-perfect silhouette, this is what happens.


Hoodies are, arguably, the perfect fall garments, just as merino wool is, arguably, the perfect fall fabric. And while many brands are likely to have merino wool hoodies in their lines for the season, we have a feeling this Merino Pullover from Oliver’s Apparel will quickly figure into your instant favorites.

Sporting a shapely cut and simple design, it’s as casual and comfortable as the outerwear should be, all while bringing a tailored fit that’s as stylish as every staple piece you hold onto in your wardrobe. It’s a seriously beautiful silhouette for a hoodie, so you can still look great even while packing in the layers for the lower temperatures outside.


Oliver’s Merino Pullover is made from 100 percent Australia-sourced merino wool, which the outfit likes to call “nature’s finest performance fabric.” They may be right, since it’s breathable, insulating, anti-microbial, and moisture-controlling, all while being exceptionally soft and lightweight, making them ideal for this kind of everyday garment. Taking cues from Italian cycling jerseys, it boasts reverse raglan socket sleeves that enable a maximum range of motion while allowing a tailored fit, with a neckline inspired by the silhouette of military flight jackets. Other features include an internal collar beneath the hood (for added structure and extra warmth), a two-inch drop tail in the back for a cleaner look, and ¾-inch contoured cuffs that can make it easy to wear the sleeves up or down.


Available in three colors, Oliver’s Apparel Merino Pullover is priced at $148.