NikeLab Gyakusou Dri-FIT Sweat-Map A collaboration between Nike and Jun Takahashi, this long-sleeved running shirt features a unique fabric topography that enables optimal breathability.


We don’t know how long you’ll be able to run with nothing but this NikeLab Gyakusou Dri-FIT Sweat-Map on in this season of dwindling temperatures. If the weather permits it, though, this running shirt offers a distinct look and unique design that allows it to keep strategic parts of the body cooled as you pound the pavement on the way to beating your personal best times.

Designed in collaboration with Jun Takahashi of Undercover, the shirt comes with what appears to be a subtle camouflage pattern, so you can don a military-inspired look for your morning runs. Except, it isn’t actually camo. Instead, the pattern actually follows the shirt’s unique fabric topography, which uses various mesh patterns at different areas to provide optimal cooling.


The NikeLab Gyakusou Dri-FIT Sweat-Map’s long sleeves should help to keep things toasty during runs, with the strategically-situated mesh panels on the arms and torso providing the needed breathability to help cool down when your body starts heating up from all that running. It comes with flat seams that brush up gently on the skin, ensuring there won’t be any discomfort whether you’re wearing the shirt on its own or under a warm outerwear piece, as well as reflective elements to help it stand out in low-light conditions. Of course, it’s got that good, old Dri-Fit polyester fabric that should wick sweat and moisture like your entire body is a leaking faucet.

Available starting tomorrow, the NikeLab Gyakusou Dri-FIT Sweat-Map is priced at $90.