MSR Guardian Water Purifier Originally designed for the military, MSR's newest purifier cleans worst-condition-water like no other, getting rid of everything, even viruses.


There’s no shortage of portable gear for purifying any murky water you find while exploring the wild outdoors. If you want to make sure you get every single bit of potential contaminant, though, you’ll be best served putting your faith on MSR’s Guardian Purifier.

Originally developed for the US military, it’s a water bottle with an accompanying purification system that turns water in the worst conditions into perfectly potable fare. Seriously, nothing cleans like this thing, with its ability to get rid of everything from sediments and protozoa to bacteria and viruses. Yes, viruses. And it does that without using any chemicals, too. Simply put, this thing is designed to overcome even the nastiest water conditions all on its own.


The MSR Guardian Purifier uses an all-new Hollow Fiber technology that allows it to get rid of nasty contaminants in a way that no other portable solution could. To use, simply drop the end of the intake tube into your water source and start pumping on the handle. Any water that makes its way to the main container should be perfectly potable, which it does at a rate of 2.5-liters a minute, ensuring you can replenish your water supply fast.


Even better, the filter is self-cleaning, as the design uses 10 percent of every water taken in to flush out any sediments and contaminants. This wastewater is also automatically discharged through a secondary tube, making it very convenient to use. It even comes with an adapter, so you can use it with other water bottles, allowing you to bring just one while easily topping up your companions’ supplies.

Available now, the MSR Guardian Purifier is priced at $349.95.

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