Mott & Bow Wooster Jeans Using a new denim formulation, these jeans boast 35 percent elasticity, allowing for an unprecedented freedom of movement in rugged denim trousers.


At first glance, Mott & Bow’s Wooster Jeans look just like any pair of premium denim trousers. They’re stylish, well-constructed, and have substantial-looking fabrics. That is, until you wear one and realize you’re wearing what might very well be the most stretch-happy pair of pants in your closet.

That’s because, while it perfectly resembles the rugged and hardwearing appearance of regular denim, there’s nothing regular about it. In fact, the material is an all new formulation that enables freedom of movement in a pair of jeans like never before. Seriously, if you ever wished you can hit the gym with jeans on and enjoy a proper workout, this just might fulfill those sacrilegious desires.


The Mott & Bow Wooster Jeans is made from a fabric called Dynamic Stretch, a new blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane that boasts a 35 percent stretch. They recover fully, too, so the garments won’t stretch or sag, retaining the original form no matter how much you take advantage of its elastic qualities. And, yes, they retain the same hardwearing quality as your familiar jeans, too, so you’re getting all that extra function without any drawbacks.

They’re making the fabric available for all of the company’s standard cuts, so you can get one in skinny, slim, or straight, although only in two washes for now. All the pants are mid-rise with a zip fly, with the leg openings measuring 13.5 inches for skinny, 15.5 inches for slim, and 17 inches for straight (all measurements are for a 32-inch waist).

Available now, the Mott & Bow Wooster Jeans are priced at $118.

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