Milescraft KneeBlades A set of knee pads with integrated skates, this contraption allows you to work on your knees for extended periods of time.

There are some jobs you have to do on your knees, like when you’re installing floors, painting the bottom of walls, or cleaning all the nook and crannies all over your bathroom. And while you can probably handle a half hour of that just fine, spending hours upon hours on your knees can take its toll. The Milescraft KneeBlades offer a way to make it just a tad easier.

A set of knee pads with integrated skates, the contraption provides a much gentler surface for your knees, all while allowing you to move easily in the same kneeling position. No more crawling on your knees as you paint from one end of the bottom wall to another – this thing lets you slide from spot to spot like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

The Milescraft KneeBlades consists of knee pads that are individually mounted to a nylon base that’s fitted with three casters each. Straps with hook-and-loop closures secure the pads to your knees to keep them in place at all times, allowing you to stand up to take a short break without having to remove the skates, so you can get right back on your knees, sliding from place to place as soon as you’re ready to get back to the job at hand. Gel cushions on the knee pads evenly displaces your weight and lessens the pressure on your knees, all while perfectly conforming to its exact contours to guarantee a snug fit.

The knee pads, by the way, can be easily separated from the skates with the push of a button, so you can work with just the knee pads in tow, in case you’re only working in one spot and don’t need to move around at any point. Putting the knee pads back into the skates is just as easy, as you simply press the same button, kneel into the skates, and release to lock everything in place.

The Milescraft KneeBlades are equipped with non-marring casters that can easily pan into any direction for full 360-degree mobility, allowing you to easily slide down the same straight path or go right across to the other side with no trouble whatsoever. The casters, by the way, are rated to handle 80 pounds of load each, giving the pair a total supported weight of 480 pounds, so even sumo wrestlers (most of them, anyway) should be able to use it when fixing stuff in their apartments.

What tasks can you use this for? The most obvious, of course, are for installing floors, carpets, and tiles, as well as painting all the lower sections of walls and furniture. The outfit, however, expands on it by suggesting other potential applications, such as yardwork, garden duties, auto-detailing, concrete work, general home cleaning, and a bunch more. Suffice to say, if you occasionally find yourself doing work that puts you on your knees, this thing can make that a whole lot more comfortable.

The Milescraft KneeBlades are available now.

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