Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack Matador's newest packable bag is a fanny pack, just in case you want a small bag that you can collapse into a tiny bundle.

We’re big fans of Matador’s packable backpacks, which strike a great balance between technical performance and optimal collapsed size. It’s a great way to carry extra bags that you can take out as they’re needed. Sometimes, though, a backpack may not be the bag you want to bring along. That’s why the outfit is expanding your options with the new Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack.

Just like their backpacks, the bag can collapse into a highly compact bundle that you can stash in variety of pockets for conveniently taking with you wherever you go. Unlike them, it’s a fanny pack that you can wear on your hips or strap across your body, offering folks an equally packable alternative for those sick of carrying backpacks day after day.

The Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack can collapse into a bundle measuring just 6.5 x 4 x 1.5 inches (length x width x thickness), making it small enough to pack into a jacket pocket, drop inside a backpack pouch, and even cram into a pocket on some pants (we’re guessing the width won’t allow it to fit in many pants pockets, though). It packs neatly, too, as the whole thing bundles into its own pocket, creating a clean bundle. When unpacked, the bag blows up to 9.5 x 6 x 4.5 inches (length x width x thickness), with a volume capacity of two liters allowing you to stash a small amount of your stuff inside.

It comes with two zippered compartments, a main compartment for larger items and a smaller compartment out front, as well as a Hypalon loop for clipping items on the side. At the size, it won’t exactly accommodate larger items, although it should prove useful for carrying tools, notebooks, and similar EDC gear, making it a viable pouch for your everyday carry.

The Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack has a strap that can be adjusted anywhere from 19 inches to 50 inches, allowing you to shorten it for wearing around the hips and lengthen it to fit diagonally across your torso. Construction is 100D waterproof Robic nylon, so the whole thing should keep your gear dry while being durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular use. It gets UTS (Ultra-Tear Strength) coating to further protect the bag form tears and punctures, while bar tacks across high-tension areas should provide the necessary reinforcement to keep it from tearing at the seams when carrying heavier loads.

The bag, by the way, is part of Marador’s new On-Grid Series, a line of packable bags that are optimized for urban use. Hopefully, that line will include a bigger version of this hip pack, as we can definitely use a cross-strapped bag that’s big enough to fit a bit more than this thing can accommodate. Yeah, it’s a bit too small for our liking, especially for a bag you’re going to stash in a pocket for use much later.

The Matador On-Grid Packable Hip Pack is available now, priced at $45.

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