Lanona Fireside Moc Slipper Striking the right balance of comfort and style, Lanona's lounging slippers combine the classic house-slipper silhouette with a leather boat shoe upper.


Lounging around the house in comfort usually means dressing up in sweats, a comfy shirt, and a plush pair of slippers. If you’re the type of guy who likes to keep your style game on point, though, then it’s prudent to trade in the shapeless sweats for a tapered pair of sweatpants and these Fireside Moc Slippers from Lanona.

Designed for those times of relaxing around the house, the footwear combines the classic house-slipper silhouette with a more luxurious leather upper, making it look more like a shoe than traditional slippers. And, yes, it keeps things classy while being just as cozy as your favorite pair of lounging slippers, so you’ll feel just as toasty and comfortable the entire time.


The Lanona Fireside Moc Slipper uses Horween Color 8 Chromexcel for the upper, with a modern boat shoe design that ensures you can look just as good lounging at home as you do when decked in going-out attires. It combines that with a double outsole and a roughout leather bottom, along with a double foam-padded insole that’s stitched to the maple cow liner to ensure sock-free comfort during wear. Since comfort is paramount when it comes to lounging footwear, each one comes in a size that’s ideal for wider feet, so those with narrower feet should buy a half size down.   We’re not entirely sure how well maple cow resists odors, but we’re hoping they accounted for that since smelly slippers won’t exactly raise anyone’s style profile.


Available now, the Lanona Fireside Moc Slipper is priced at $220.

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