Kodiak Canvas Swag Tent This Aussie-style swag tent reinforces the classic with a screen mesh layer, allowing you to let air through for warmer nights in the wild.


We’re big fans of swag tents, those Aussie-style single-person shelters that’s, essentially, an improved version of the traditional bedroll.  While there are several versions floating around, we’re really stoked about the Kodiak Canvas Swag, which delivers much better ventilation than other examples we’ve seen.

Unlike other swag tents that cover the whole shelter in a closed canvas material, it gets a mesh layer that you can reveal by simply pulling down the canvas top. The mesh stretches from the head down to the waist, ensuring air gets to circulate inside the tent while you get a clear view of the night skies.


The Kodiak Canvas Swag is made from Hydra Shield cotton duck canvas, a durable, watertight, and breathable shelter that should offer a suitable barrier to the elements. It measures 6.7 x 3 inches (length x width), ensuring even most NBA players can squeeze inside, with an integrated two-inch foam mattress and flannel cover providing you with comfortable accommodations. Zippered windows at the head and the foot allow you to get decent air flow if you need the screens covered up (such as when it’s raining), with gear pockets inside giving you a convenient place to store valuables.


Features include an accompanying doormat to keep the vinyl floor clean, aluminum poles to give it shape, and integrated cinch straps to keep it tightly bundled when rolled up. During transport, it comes with a duffel-style bag measuring 35 x 12 inches (length x diameter).


Available now, the Kodiak Canvas Swag is priced at $223.