Hyperice Hypersphere Vibration Therapy Ball This vibrating myofascial release tool delivers the optimum frequency and intensity needed to improve your muscles' flexibility and range of motion.


There are plenty of balls and rollers that you can use to loosen up the soft tissues before and after intense physical training. It’s a great way to ensure you avoid muscle cramps during the activity, while aiding in your muscles’ recovery afterwards. The Hypersphere adds a new dimension to traditional myofascial release, adding a vibrating element to further fortify the massaging function.

Made by Hyperice, the localized massage tool will not only loosen the muscles, but lengthen them, giving it greater flexibility and range of motion. When used before workouts, it’s also designed to increase circulation (hence, accelerating your warm-up), while reducing soreness and stiffness when used afterwards.


The Hypersphere consists of a rubber-coated ball that adds a vibrating element to traditional foam rollers, delivering a high-intensity throbbing along with the usual targeted pressure it applies to the muscles. While it’s not the first vibrating self-myofascial tool in the market, Hyperice claims it’s fully-calibrated to deliver the pulsations at the optimal intensity and frequency, which enables the beneficial physical effects. While designed for athletes, gym rats, and serious fitness enthusiasts, it should deliver plenty of benefits to regular folks, too, with the ability to ease sore feet, glute pain, and back pain, as well as loosen tight hips and relieve shoulder stress.


It comes with a button on top that allows you to turn on the vibrating function and switch among the three available speed settings. A rechargeable battery sits inside the ball, which delivers up to two hours of vibrating operation in a single full charge.

Available now, the Hyperice Hypersphere is priced at $149.

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