Hydro Flask Trail Series Hydro Flask updates their vacuum-insulated water bottles with a 25 percent lighter weight, making them ideal for taking on hikes both long and short.

We’re big fans of Hydro Flask and their lineup of reusable travel bottles that let you bring both hot and cold drinks along with you on the road. The new Hydro Flask Trail Series does, pretty much, the same thing as their previous releases, albeit with an all-new design that makes it much lighter, making it ideal for taking during your hiking trips.

According to the outfit, the bottle delivers the same insulation as their other travel bottles, all while coming in at a much lighter weight, allowing you to shave additional heft to keep your hiking stash as light as possible. Whether you take week-long excursions on foot, do short hikes over the weekend, or just take pictures while walking the trail until it gets dark, this thing should keep your refreshment cool as well as any travel bottle.

The Hydro Flask Trail Series shaves off 25 percent from the weight of their previous counterparts, so it’s quite the significant weight savings. No, they didn’t do that by using cheap plastics instead of the stainless steel from previous models. Instead, this has a similar 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel construction for the walls, so it should hold up to the bumps, knocks, and drops of the outdoors just as well as their older bottles. Instead, they opted to make the walls just that much thinner in order to remove a good load of the weight, all while using a new double wall vacuum insulation that can retain your beverage’s temperature for hours on end.

That insulation, by the way, claims to keep cold beverages chilled for up to 24 hours and hot beverages warm for up to 12, which makes it a perfect companion for day hikes. It can also make a proper companion for longer backcountry stays, provided you have a cooler with a decent supply of ice at camp to chill down your refreshments the next day before going out.

The inaugural release for the Hydro Flask Trail Series comes in two models: a wide mouth 24oz bottle (10.2 x 3.2 inches, height x diameter) and wide mouth 32oz model (10.2 x 3. inches, height x diameter). As their names imply, both come with a large mouth to let you grab a big sip any time you need it, all while coming in a size and shape that should be compatible with most hydration filters, so you can grab water off a stream or river for purifying right on the bottle.

Both bottles come with the outfit’s Honeycomb mouth cap, which helps maintain the drink’s temperature by coming with its own built-in insulation. That cap is fully sealed to ensure a leak-proof function, so you can turn the bottle over without losing any liquids, while a flexible carry handle right on the cap allows to easily strap it to any of your gear. The 24oz bottle, by the way, is compatible with the outfit’s Wide Mouth Straw Lid, while the 32oz model also works with that, as well as the Hydro Flip Lid, in case you prefer a different cap design.

The Hydro Flask Trail Series is available now.

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