Greats x Wooster x Lardini Slip-On Sneakers Slip-ons tend to be a summer thing, but Greats is challenging that with a Fall line of premium slip-on sneakers sporting tweed uppers and thick cup soles.


Slip-ons and colorful shoes tend to be a summer thing, but if you don’t care because you just like fun shoes, then you’ll probably love this new Fall release from Greats. Made under the Greats x Wooster x Lardini banner, the range consists of four slip-on sneakers with tweed uppers, ensuring they’re duly equipped to be worn in the colder days ahead.

Designed by Nick Wooster (Italian tailoring company Lardini chose the textiles used… we think), each pair of shoes come in mismatched styles, with the left sporting a different design from the right. Don’t worry, they still look like they go together, so you probably won’t have to explain every single time why you woke up and put on the wrong pair of sneakers together. Maybe, just some of the time.


The Greats x Wooster x Lardini comes in four designs: Military Wool (military-inspired green colors), Pink Wool (various shades of pink), Prince of Wales (checkered two-tone), and Tweed Wool (two-tone boucle). Each sneaker uses textiles sourced from upscale fabric makers, Harris Tweed and Linton Tweeds, with the former supplying for the two colorful shoes and the latter providing for the two-tone models. While slip-ons probably seem off for a Fall shoe, the tweed uppers argue otherwise, so let’s just call this a toss-up and let those who desire slip-ons have their fill. Each shoe is fully-lined in veg-tan leather and uses a thick Margom cup sole.


Being Italian-crafted, the Greats x Wooster x Lardini will probably figure as one of the more expensive slip-ons in your sneaker rack. Each pair is priced at $280.