GNU Zoid Snowboard GNU's award-winning snowboard pushes asymmetrical design to a new level of sophistication.


Asymmetrical snowboards aren’t exactly new – people have been riding them for a long time now. The GNU Zoid, however, is an entirely new take on asymmetrical boards, paving the way to an entirely fresh snowboarding experience.

Described as “ergonomically efficient,” it comes with a unique shape that leaves the toe side edge longer than the heel side. It’s also directional, which means they offer different boards for regular and goofy riding stances, providing a more tailored design. More than aesthetic detail, that unique shape and precisely-calculated geometry enables a ride that feels natural and effortless, making it easier to perform turns, lay out carves, and hold edges on the snow. Seriously, it promises to deliver more fun than any snowboard before it.


The GNU Zoid is an all-mountain board that employs a multi-camber profile to deliver better performance, positioning a rocker between the foot bindings to make it feel forgiving on hardpack along with mellow elliptical cambers under the inserts to deliver greater power and stronger edge holds. Further strengthening the hold are serrated edges around the board, giving it multiple contact points for gripping on straight-up icy slopes. An aspen wood spine ensures it exhibits high levels of durability, with poplar on the toe edge and polonia on the heel delivering a responsive feel. Features include a sintered base that GNU claims slides best and fastest, ultra-durable UHMW sidewalls, a co-extruded topsheet, and a length of 158 cm.

Available now, the GNU Zoid is priced at $649.99.

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