Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand

With the new MacBook's lack of USB ports, the rest of the accessories on your desk need to pick up the slack. Twelve South has your wireless cans covered with their USB-equipped headphone stand.

Hex x Guy Mariano Skatepack

With straps that secure your deck, as well as an organizer pocket for tools and parts, Guy Mariano's collaboration with Hex just might be the perfect backpack for skaters and longboard commuters alike.

Comp Notebook

A premium take on the classic composition book, Aron Fay's new notebook combines the original's signature elements with modern binding and printing techniques to turn out a better version of the notebook you know and love.

Kootek Tactical Flashlight

A versatile three-in-one, this tool combines a flashlight, a 3.5-inch knife, and an attack hammer, keeping you well-equipped to deal with a whole host of hazards, whether at work, around town, or in the wild outdoors.

Alpine ICE Cooler and Speaker

More than chilling up to 72 cans of your favorite suds, this 56-quart cooler integrates a 90-watt two-channel speaker in its body, ready to pump tunes at your next tailgate or backyard party.

Magpul DAKA Pouch

More than holding documents and electronics, Magpul's durable carrying pouch can handle tools, ammunition, and similarly rugged gear, all while protecting them from the onslaught of pouring rain.

Henty CoPilot Travel Bag

Whether you’re traveling out of state for a weekend or commuting on a bicycle to the office, this tube-shaped bag lets you carry a dapper suit and keep it freshly-pressed all throughout the way.

Klymit Hammock V

Sized and patterned to fit on the bed of all hammocks, this V-shaped, no-slip inflatable pad reinforces your hanging sack with ultra-firm back support, allowing you to sleep comfortably in one the whole night through.

Seirus Magnemask Combo Clava

Designed for the harsh, cold days of winter, this balaclava comes with a magnetic snap-on mask that you can easily remove to free up your mouth without having to mess with the rest of your headwear.

North St. Morrison Backpack Pannier

Carrying a backpack while commuting on a bicycle will leave your back sweaty by the time you get to the office. That's why this backpack comes with a rack mount for mounting like a pannier instead.

Sanborn x Duluth Canoe Pack

If you're going to bring a large canoe down to the water, might as well load up on other supplies. We're guessing this monster-sized 5,300-cubic inch backpack from Sanborn and Duluth should do the trick.

Thousand Heritage Collection Helmet

Unless you're racing or training, you don't need aerodynamic headwear for cycling. You just need one that looks good while protecting your head. These vintage-styled helmets should do the trick.

Naim Uniti Nova

Able to oversample your music 16 times before feeding it to the Bill Burr DAC and the 80-watt amplifiers, Naim's reference-quality all-in-one player just might be only music source you'll want to have at home.

Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature

Billed as their most luxurious headphones to date, Bowers & Wilkins' new over-ear cans deliver a precise sound experience that mimics listening to hi-fi speakers in a rich aluminum and leather package.

Shinola x Leatherman Multi-Tool

We’re big fans of the Leatherman Charge AL, one of the outfit's most popular multi-tools. Shinola takes that and turns it into something even better, adding new tools and more premium styling to the mix.

Tracksmith Top Loader Bag

We love duffels styled after military-issue carry-alls. Problem is, they're usually too big for anything other than a very long trip. Tracksmith brings that same design in a size more suited for everyday use.

Google Pixel Smartphone

Designed by Google both inside and out, these sleek aluminum unibody smartphones boast the best phone camera, impressively generous battery life, and the purest expression of the Android experience.

Sanborn SUP Board & Paddle Set

We prefer inflatable SUPs because they're convenient, too, but tell me you'd rather not hit the flats with this absolutely gorgeous cedar, aspen, and cherry board and paddle set from Minnesota's Sanborn.