FSR Journey Basecamp Package It looks like a small cargo trailer, but FSR's camping package actually holds a 9-foot tent for sleeping entire families in camper-like comfort.


You’ve always wanted a trailer for those times you go off the road. Problem is, you don’t have the room to keep a trailer in your house, making it utterly impractical to put down money on one. The FSR Journey Basecamp Package offers a more compact alternative.

Made by Freespirit Recreation, it’s a small cargo trailer that looks like it’s hauling supplies while making your way to a camp site. Except, it actually houses a large and spacious tent that can set up once you reach the destination to get yourself a huge camper-sized shelter.


The FSR Journey Basecamp Package uses the outfit’s standard Journey trailer, which measures a compact 71.5 X 44 X 25 inches (length x width x height), while providing 45 cubic feet of cargo space. In this package, that cargo space is used to hold a collapsed 9-foot trailer tent, giving your small group a comfortable place to sleep, complete with standing headroom. Do note, the tent is mounted permanently on the trailer, so you can’t simply remove it to use the trailer to haul cargo. You can, however, lay lightweight gear on top of the tent during transport (mattresses and sleeping bags, for instance) for added function.


Features include a unibody trailer construction, an axle-free suspension system, four 1,000-pound stabilizer jacks to ensure it stays level on rough terrain, and a wheeled tongue jack to easily maneuver the trailer into position. Available options include an awning, an annex, a LED kit, and a power pack.

Pricing for the FSR Journey Basecamp Package starts at $7,470.