Firekorf Portable Fire Pit This fire pit gives you an elevated platform for enjoying fire and cooking in the outdoors, all while packing down into a very compact roll.

It’s easy enough to start a campfire. Just dig a small clearing, get a flame going, and pile on your fuel to get a big fire running. If you’d rather enjoy fire outdoors in the safest way possible, though, you can always opt to bring a fire pit along. As far as fire pits go, we’re loving the balance of portability and function they managed to integrate into the Firekorf.

A portable fire pit, it gives you an elevated platform for enjoying fire in the outdoors, all while packing down into a compact roll that’s perfectly-sized for strapping down on your backpack. Seriously, this seems even smaller than some of the compact outdoor grills we’ve seen, making it a very efficient way of bringing fire to any campsite.

The Firekorf consists of four legs that are connected at the middle and a fire basket. To set up the fire pit, you start by flipping out the legs, setting them down on the ground, and laying the fire bag on top. It’s a clever design, with the four-cornered frame able to secure the basket into position, while being very stable when set down on the ground. Because the legs fold out individually, you can find a way to keep it stable even on uneven surfaces, making this very useful, regardless of the terrain on the campsite you end up in.

Once the fire pit is set up, simply put all your fuel in the basket, light them up, and enjoy your elevated fire. The basket, by the way, is made from 304 stainless wire mesh, so it won’t be damaged from having direct contact with the fire, all while being easily foldable to allow the whole thing to collapse in a very compact size. The legs, on the other hand, are cut in a slab of 304 stainless steel plate, so they should hold up durably to the challenges of the outdoors.

The Firekorf doesn’t just stop at being a handy fire pit for staying toasty in the wild. Instead, it comes with collapsible grates that lay on top of the basket, allowing you to use it as a functional grill, as well as a roasting spit assembly (mounting brackets install on top of two legs), making it quite the versatile cooking tool for the campsite (especially since you can cook stuff on stick like in a campfire). Seriously, with the grates on top, you can grill burgers, heat water, and do a whole load of cooking at camp, while the spit lets you roast an entire chicken (or any other big slab of meat) directly over the heat.

When collapsed into a roll, the whole thing (fire pit, grates, and roasting spit system) measures just 19.7 x 3.9 inches (length x diameter), making it compact enough to strap onto down onto your gear and even slip into the side bottle pocket of many backpacks. The whole thing weighs just six pounds, too, so it doesn’t really add that much weight for all the utility it brings at camp.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Firekorp. You can reserve a full set for pledges starting at $170.

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