FireDisc 36-Inch Portable Propane Cooker This 22-inch skillet that can accommodate up to five gallons of liquid comes with collapsible legs and an integrated burner, making it ideal for camping.

There are plenty of options for cooking food like a civilized man when you’re camping. You can opt for camp stoves, portable grills, or even propane-powered ovens. If you want to bring just one thing to handle all your cooking at camp, though, we have a feeling you’ll appreciate the FireDisc 36-Inch Portable Propane Cooker.

A deep skillet with an integrated stand and burner, it gets you everything you need to comfortably cook a whole lot of stuff in the wild. No need for a table, a stove, or any additional cooking vessels – this thing can handle all your cooking needs at camp, from juicy burgers and delicious steaks to hearty soups and plain hot water.

The FireDisc 36-Inch Portable Propane Cooker consists of a 22-inch skillet that you can use for frying, pan grilling, and sautéing whatever food items you want at camp, all while being deep enough to accommodate up to five gallons of liquid, allowing you to use it to boil water, deep fry food, and make wet dishes, such as soups and stews, which is what separates it from solutions like the Skottle Kit. That 22 inches of cooking surface, by the way, is large enough to let you pan-fry a whole lot of food all at once, so you can make big batches of burgers, eggs, and franks to serve a large group without much trouble.

It comes with removable and collapsible legs that make the whole thing easy to transport, all while assembling pretty easily, so you can set up without much fuss as soon as you settle in at camp. Those legs, by the way, prop up the skillet to 36 inches tall, which should put it at standard table height, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes without having to squat, bend over, or strike some other uncomfortable pose. According to the outfit, the legs can even bend to accommodate uneven surfaces, making it an ideal cooking companion for the rugged terrain of the outdoors.

The FireDisc 36-Inch Portable Propane Cooker comes with a removable burner that accepts both 16-oz canisters and 20-pound tanks of propane, so you can bring exactly what you need, depending on how long you plan on living it up under the open sky. Do note, the burner is intentionally on the smaller side compared to the skillet, as it’s meant to heat up the center of the cookware to create different temperatures at the middle and along the edges. According to the outfit, this is so that you can fry your meats at the center, while heating up veggies and other sides along the edges, allowing you to cook entire meals in just one session.

Construction is high-carbon steel for the skillet, so this should behave much like cast iron cookware that you’ll have to preseason before cooking anything on the surface. Yeah, best read up on that if you not familiar, as it can get frustrating cooking on such a porous cooking surface if you’re not ready. Other features include high-heat powder coating (up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit), an angled shape that pulls all excess grease to the center of the skillet, and dual side handles that should stay cool to the touch.

The FireDisc 36-Inch Portable Propane Cooker is available now.

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