Field Notes Vignette Edition Field Notes' newest memo books come with cutout pockets on the cover, allowing them to be quickly personalized with your favorite images.

We’re big fans of Field Notes and their pocket-sized notebooks. They’re well-made, affordable, and they get the job done, all while fitting conveniently in your pants’ back pocket. Occasionally, they’ll even make ones that are just something special. Such is the case for the new Field Notes Vignette Edition, a version of their pocket-sized memo book with a customizable cover.

No, we don’t mean taking a pen and personalizing the cover with your terrible artwork like everyone used to do in grade school, although you can still do that if you want. Instead, it’s actually simpler, allowing you to decorate the cover by simply adding any photo or illustration you find interesting enough to greet you every time you jot down some notes.

The Field Notes Vignette Edition actually comes with a large hole in the cover and a pocket on the back of that same cover. Why? So you can drop in any picture you want, instantly turning that into your notebook cover. We know, who the heck has printed pictures anymore in this day and age? Well, the people using these notebooks are those who still use pen-and-paper heavily in this day and age, so it makes sense that they may also be fond of analog imagery.

Want to use the poster of your favorite movie as a notebook cover? That will work – just print the darn thing and you’re good to go. How about a stunning nature photo you took from your last vacation? Yes, that sounds nice. In case you don’t really have easy access to a printer, you can also cut out pictures from magazines, remove the label from your favorite hot sauce (hey, hot sauces tend to have awesome labels), or just make your own doodle on a piece of cardboard. They have an app, by the way, that you can use to alter and print photos into a size that will fit on the cover cutout,  which should make customizing the notebooks a lot easier, provided you’re one of the people who still own a printer.

The Field Notes Vignette Edition is sold in set of three and includes a set of insert cards with various images on them that you can use to get started personalizing your notebook. Images appear to be pretty standard, such as a photo of an astronaut on the moon and a bonfire, so it’s the kind you probably won’t mind using, in case you’d rather not clip pictures from old magazines or print your own photos. A total of 12 insert cards are included.

Aside from the window on the cover, the notebooks are, pretty much, standard Field Notes fare, with each one measuring 3.5 x 5.5 inches (width x height) and coming with 48 graph paper pages. Each three-pack comes with two memo book with charcoal gray covers and one with a terra green cover.

The Field Notes Vignette Edition is available now, priced at $12.95. They can also be ordered as part of their subscription service.

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