Eagle Creek Caldera Travel Pack 45L This 45-liter backpack made from recycled polyester can be carried like a suitcase, expand to 56 liters, and track via a phone app when you lose it.

Can you help save the world by using recycled products? Probably not, just like you’re not really helping offset carbon emissions by driving a Tesla, using solar power, and composting in the backyard. Still, there’s no harm in trying to live your life just a little less wasteful than usual, so the next time you buy a large backpack for travel, it might as well be one made from recycled fabrics like the Eagle Creek Caldera Travel Pack 45L.

It’s made from Cordura Eco, a 100 percent recycled polyester fabric that, the outfit claims, can deliver best-in-class polyester performance among recycled fibers. They’re not kidding, either, as this delivers extensive resistance to tears, abrasion, and water, leaving it just as tough and resilient as any technical backpack you have in the closet.

The Eagle Creek Caldera Travel Pack 45L is a large backpack with a suitcase-style main compartment that opens flat, allowing you to organize your gear before leaving and access them all at the same time when you reach your destination.  While listed as having a 45-liter volume, it actually has a volume capacity of 48 liters, which is further expandable to 56 liters using the integrated expansion zipper in the main compartment. Seriously, this is one big backpack, making it ideal for taking during out-of-town trips and holidays.

Foam lining throughout the bag ensures sufficient protection for those times you’re packing potentially fragile stuff, while a padded laptop sleeve offers a dedicated place to bring your computer along for the trip. Built-in straps in the main compartment allow you to compress the contents, so you can really squeeze everything in as tightly as you want. Since it’s made by Eagle Creek, the compression straps are, of course, designed to work perfectly with the outfit’s Pack-It system for organizing your luggage, making this a great fit if you’ve already invested in their collection of compression pouches.

The Eagle Creek Caldera Travel Pack 45L has a central locking point that allows you to secure all the zippers using just a single padlock to keep things simple, while a pocket out front allows you easy access to stuff you want to keep within reach at all times.  All zippers are PU-coated for water resistance, while reflective pulls and counter pulls enable visibility in low-light conditions. It comes with breathable and adjustable shoulder straps for carrying on your back like any backpack, although you can also tuck it away in a designated compartment when carrying it via the side handle like a suitcase or using the duffel-style shoulder strap.

As with many of the outfit’s newer products, it’s equipped with an NFC chip that allows it to work with their Tripsync tech, which offers you a way to track your bag in the event it gets lost. Do note, this isn’t as straightforward as product tracking tech that use Bluetooth and GPS, requiring you to regularly interact with the app to ensure proper tracking. Still, it’s better than nothing.

The Eagle Creek Caldera Travel Pack 45L is available now, priced at $279.

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