DU/ER No Sweat Pants A unique fabric formulation allows these pants to be cut in stylish fits without constricting your lower body or leaving it dripping in sweat.


When it comes to pants, there’s nothing more comfortable than one with a loose fit. There’s also probably nothing less aesthetic in appearance, which is why we put up with the sweating and discomfort tight pants tend to inflict on our lower bodies. DU/ER’s No Sweat Pants combine stylish silhouettes and a unique fabric formulation that eliminates the sweating and discomfort you’ll normally experience.

Using a fabric called Nature2X (28 percent tencel, 1 percent spandex, 19 percent polyester, and 52 percent cotton), the pants deliver an impressive 28 percent of stretch to support natural movement, all while absorbing moisture, so you don’t fill up with sweat underneath the garment. It’s also naturally anti-bacterial, so you never have to worry about sweat leaving the pants stinky after just a single day of use.


The DU/ER No Sweat Pants come in three styles: relaxed, slim, and jogger. Both the relaxed and slim are built as standard five-pocket pants, with heavy-duty triple stitching on stress points, leather trim detail, double-layered reinforced pockets, and an indiscernible seat gusset that gives you plenty of room in the crotch area for active movements. The jogger, on the other hand, comes with the same features as the first two, but adds snap closures on the front pocket, a drawcord-adjustable waist band, elastic cuffs, and a zippered thigh pocket, making it perfectly viable as a pair of pants for wearing during runs and workouts, all while looking good enough for everyday wear. Each style comes in three colors: black, olive, and tobacco.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the DU/ER No Sweat Pants. Pledges to reserve one start at $98.