Devialet Gold Phantom Speaker Yes, it still looks like a small alien doomsday device, but the Gold edition of Devialet's hi-fi audiophile speaker steps it up with a whopping 4,500 watts of power.


When the Devialet Phantom first came out, the alien-looking contraption took everyone by surprise. How can that kind of sound come out of a thing that small? Somehow, they made that speaker even better with the Silver edition, which multiplied the power output by four-fold. Well, they just improved on the darn thing yet again with the Devialet Gold Phantom, which brings a whopping 4,500 watts of power inside the same compact enclosure (that’s over half the power of B&O’s monstrous BeoLab 90).

Like most new speakers that come out today, it’s connected, with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard. That allows it to not just stream from your offline library of music sources, but to stream directly from various online services (Spotify, WebRadio, Sirius XM, Netflix, and YouTube are all baked in, with more updates over time).


More than a connected speaker, the Devialet Gold Phantom is a hi-fi system that’s capable of producing audio with no background noise, distortion, or saturation whatsoever. It comes with the outfit’s ADH Intelligence technology, which combine the precision of analog amplifier with the power of digital amps, along with two high-excursion bass drivers that create an ultra-dense sound comparable to soundstage speakers 20 times its size. The darn thing, by the way, can put out up to 108 decibels, which Devialet claims is the same volume as a live rock concert.

Features include a bandwidth range of 14Hz to 27kHz, six total drivers, an integrated DAC, and multi-room support up to 24 Phantoms. It uses the same composite body as the first two editions, although this one gets a special 22-karat rose gold finish.

Available now, the Devialet Gold Phantom is priced at $2,990.