Corkcicle Flat Canteen Corkcicle's newest travel bottle comes with double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold, all while coming in a flat profile reminiscent of hip flasks.

Those double-walled, reusable tumblers are great, as they give you a way to enjoy drinks on the go without having to rely on disposable cups and bottles. Problem is, they come in cylindrical tumbler shapes, so you almost always have to carry them by hand or stash them on a backpack pouch when you’re on the go. The Corkcicle Flat Canteen changes that.

Shaped like a hip flask, the drinking vessel takes the same temperature-regulating construction as modern reusable tumblers, but casts the whole thing in flatter albeit wider dimensions. Granted, it’s not as compact as a standard hip flask, so you won’t be stashing this behind your waistband or in the back pocket of your pants, but the size should make it viable for keeping in a jacket pocket for easy access while you’re on the move.

The Corkcicle Flat Canteen takes the slim and wide profile of traditional hip flasks, albeit in a larger 17oz profile that should make it suitable for packing water, juices, and other refreshments. As such, it’s way easier to fit into most pockets, pouches, and tight corners of your bag, making it more convenient to bring hot or cold beverages when you got, whether you’re doing your shopping rounds at the local market, putting some work in at the gym, or hitting the campsite over the weekend. The flat profile should make it easy to squeeze in your luggage, too, allowing you to bring your own reusable drinking container during trips.

While it’s wide, the drinking vessel is slim enough to grip comfortably in hand, so it should be just as easy to chug your favorite drinks out of it. Plus, the double-wall insulation means it never gets sweaty even when you fill it up with ice-cold drinks, so it should stay secure in your hand even while you’re on the move.

The Corkcicle Flat Canteen works with both hot and cold drinks, keeping your beverage at ideal temperatures for extended periods. Do note, there’s no listed rating for how many hours it can keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks chilled, but we imagine it should be on par with most of the outfit’s insulated drinkware. While it does have the double-wall insulation, it doesn’t appear to have the triple insulation of Corkcicle’s regular canteen, so expect somewhat shorter insulation periods.

Unlike the outfit’s other drinkware, it comes with a smaller mouth opening, so you’re not likely to be able to fit ice cubes into this thing (crushed ice is your best bet). There’s also no sip straw, so you’ll have to drink off the whole thing with old-school sips and chugs, with no carry loop anywhere on the bottle, either, so you can’t hang it off a carabiner or a strap like other travel bottles. The hip flask shape and flat profile, however, should make all of those downsides worth it, as it doesn’t just stash away efficiently, we have a feeling you’re going to appreciate that classic vintage look, too.

The Corkcicle Flat Canteen is available in black and olive, priced at $79.95.

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