Cobra Road Scout A combination dash cam and radar detector, this in-car device just might become your most trusted ally on the road.


Why does this dash cam look like a pair of binoculars? We don’t know. What we do know is, the Cobra Road Scout brings a combo of features that elevate it from a simple camera that records the road ahead to a sophisticated rig that keeps you well-informed on the road.

A combination dash cam and radar detector, the device can detect potential threats on the road ahead, all while recording clear footage of any incidents that actually transpire. That’s right, it combines erstwhile two separate devices into one, allowing you to streamline your in-car gadgets, while still maximizing your road awareness and recording all relevant driving footage.


The Cobra Road Scout has long-range sensors for radar and laser detection, which it uses to scout road threats and feeding you the information ahead of time, so you can adjust your driving in order to move forward without incident. It also has a GPS database with location-based alerts for known red light cameras, speed cameras, and other relevant items on the route you’re taking, essentially giving you a scouting party that lets you know what to expect shortly down the road.  Do note, the GPS database is tied to a subscription to the North American Defender Database, which comes free for the first three months, but requires payment after the brief period. Without it, you’re left to relying on the superheterodyne and DSP sensors, which, from what we’re hearing, are quite accurate in their laser and radar detection.

All information is shown on a full-color center LCD, with the default layout showing the current speed, GPS status, and all alerts. You can personalize the displayed information, of course, so you can remove any items you’re not interested in, complete with the option to adjust the brightness, so you can turn it up in the morning and turn it down when driving at night. If you don’t really like looking at the screen while driving, it also has voice alerts that will tell you any potential issues, so you don’t have to pay attention to the screen to know when there are speed traps, red light cameras, and other potential threats on the road.


The Cobra Road Scout has a dash camera that uses a Sony Exmor image sensor and an Ambarella A12 processor, allowing you to record 1080p footage at 30 fps with a 154-degree field of view. According to the outfit, the camera algorithm has been fine-tuned for optimal recording in both day and night, so your nighttime footage won’t consist of an unwatchable black screen. It has a 16GB microSD card, which you can upgrade up to 64GB, for storing all video footage, with a continuous loop setting that just records over previously-stored video when the available storage runs out.


There’s also built-in Wi-Fi, which you can use to connect with your car’s hotspot for over-the-air updates. You can also stream the video directly to your phone, all footage of which can be accessed using the Drive HD app. A second app, called iRadar, allows you to modify all the radar settings.

The Cobra Road Scout is available now, priced at $449.95.

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