B&O Beoplay A1 Speaker It's not quite pocket-sized, but Bang & Olufsen's portable Bluetooth speaker just might be your best bet at enjoying pristine-sounding music on the road.


You rely on Bang & Olufsen’s high-end audio gear to deliver the music in your home. And they sound amazing. If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the same pristine listening experience on the road, you’ve likely been disappointed of the lack of truly portable options from the company. At least, that was the case until now with the B&O Beoplay A1.

Measuring just 5.2 x 1.7 inches (diameter x depth), this Bluetooth speaker is small enough to cram into a bag pouch or hang on a loop in your bag, making for a speaker that’s more portable than anything the outfit ever produced. While not quite as portable as gear you can conveniently squeeze into a jeans back pocket, the compact size should let you bring it along anywhere, whether you’re spending the day in school, at a tailgate, or at a beach with your friends.


The extra size also allows the B&O Beoplay A1 to house a generously-sized battery beneath the enclosure, giving it a playback time of up to 24 hours on a single charge. Despite the compact frame, it brings big sound, courtesy of two 140W amplifiers at peak power and two 30W Class D amplifiers for the woofer and tweeter. It also disperses the sound evenly across a 360-degree angle, so the music will sound good regardless of where you’re sitting in relation to the speaker.


Features include a built-in mic for hands-free calls, an accompanying app, and USB-C for faster charging. Construction is rounded aluminum shell for the body and double-molded soft-touch rubber at the base.

Available now, the B&O Beoplay A1 is priced at $249.