Birt Plate This uniquely-shaped weight plate can be used with barbells and dumbbells, while serving as a versatile standalone resistance equipment.

Originally, weight plates were used to add resistance to barbells and dumbbells. Then, we made them with flat sides to make them easy to grip two-handed. Later, we added cutouts, so we can grip them with one hand. The Birt Plate takes all these modifications to its logical conclusion, adding all sorts of grips and handles, so you can hold them in a variety of ways, essentially turning the erstwhile humble plate into a standalone exercise equipment.

Clad in a semi-X shape, the plate can be used with barbells and dumbbells just like any standard weight plate, so you can use it for your traditional presses, deadlifts, and squats. It also integrates parallel grips on opposing sides, so you can grip it with either one hand or two hands, like many modern weight plates. Basically, you can use it for any of the exercises you already do now, so you won’t have to change your usual training routines when switching to this equipment.

Aside from those two grips, the Birt Plate adds an ear grip and a chunky fat grip on four corners for two new ways to grab hold of a weight plate, with the fat grips doubling as the plate’s feet, allowing it to keep its stability when you set it down on the floor. Because of its X-shape, the plate has large cutouts on the side that lets you hug the plate between your arms, which is a great way to change up leg exercises, like squats and walking lunges. Suffice to say, this thing has been uniquely designed to facilitate its use as standalone resistance equipment.

As you can imagine, this unique patented shape will allow you to perform a whole lot of exercises using nothing but the plates. Even better, the concentrated resistance source keeps the body in a natural position throughout the full range of motion, while allowing for smooth transitions between individual movements. That means, you can put together a wide variety of workouts with nothing but a couple of these things, making it an excellent option if you want to work out at home. Seriously, just a pair of plates you can hide under the bed after use can keep you going workout after workout.

The Birt Plate is available in a total of seven sizes, ranging from 8 pounds to 100 pounds, so everyone from novices to advanced bodybuilders can find the perfect size of equipment for their particular needs. The plates are made from solid cast iron, so this will hold up for many, many years, while a textured finish gives it a good feel whenever it’s gripped in hand. According to the outfit, they’ve designed over 250 unique workouts using the plates alone, allowing you to exercise your whole body with a minimum of equipment. You can get sample workouts directly from their website, in both document and video formats, so you can get started using these things without hours of study.

The Birt Plate is available now, priced starting at $30 for the 8-pounder and tops off at $200 for the 100-pound unit.

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