Best Made Mallman’s Night Shirt Feel like you're sleeping in 1895 with this vintage-style night shirt from Best Made's Mallman Collection.


No, you probably don’t wear a night shirt when you go to bed. We’re not in 1895, after all. Still, if you want to feel like you’re in 1895 every once in a while, you can do just that with the Best Made Mallman’s Night Shirt.

Created in collaboration with Argentine celebrity chef, Francis Mallman, the garment is actually based on the chef’s own favorite night shirt. Yes, this is what he wears to sleep every night in 2019 at his own private island in Patagonia. In fact, Mallman supposedly keeps multiple pieces of the garment around, which he doles out to visitors as gifts. Considering how rarely we have actually seen night shirts over the years (especially ones with this vintage aesthetic), we imagine they make for quite a nice novelty item to receive.


The Best Made Mallman’s Night Shirt is made from natural linen, so it’s really cool and airy to have draped over your body. While linen sounds like it’s strictly a summer fabric, the outfit claims the fabric’s temperature-regulating nature makes it viable for wearing all year round, although we imagine you’ll want to crawl up under a thick comforter when wearing it in the prevailing cold weather. Because of linen’s softness, it should be very comfortable to wear over your bare skin, too, making it very likely you’ll want to lounge in this for a few minutes before and after your slumber.

Basically, we’re saying, this thing will let you dress in a comfy garment that frees up your erstwhile cramped body parts every time you go to bed, without having to wear one of your wife’s night gowns like you did that one time and never again because it freaked her out immensely. Yeah, that was awkward.


The Best Made Mallman’s Night Shirt is a one-size-fits-all garment, with a 46-inch length, a rounded collar, and a patch pocket on the left chest, as well as five shell buttons running down the chest placket that you can open if you want to feel even less constricted. The stark all-white quality of the gown is broken up by dark navy piping accents around the collar, cuffs, and pocket, which adds quite a nice character to the garment’s overall aesthetic. The shirt, by the way, is made in Argentina by Carzoglio, which is the same outfit that makes the night shirt that Mallman uses, which this garment is based on.


The night shirt is actually part of a capsule collection that puts together some of Mallman’s favorite products. Aside from the shirt, it includes a Shearling coat, a Stetson hat, a beret, a wool blanket, a travel backgammon set, a stoneware mug, a stoneware plate, a stoneware bowl, a serving tray, a linen napkin, several bandanas, and a few rugs. Oh yeah, they also curated a small library of the chef’s favorite books for those in search of some new reading materials.

The Best Made Mallman’s Night Shirt is available now, priced at $268.

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