Best Electric Shavers For Taking On The Go While most travel shavers are neither as efficient nor as versatile as the one you have at home, they are priceless on the road. Here are some we like.


If you like maintaining a cleanly-shaved mug, chances are, you’ve invested in a good electric shaver, so you can get it done from the comfort of your home in mere minutes. When you’re on the road, though, taking that same electric shaver can take a whole lot of space in your luggage, all while being at risk of getting damaged or lost during transport. Suffice to say, a regular electric shaver is designed for staying in the bathroom cabinet, instead of being taken on the road.

For travel, a smaller shaver designed specifically for use on-the-go is likely to make a much better choice. Sure, most travel shavers are neither as efficient nor as versatile as the one you likely have at home, but for keeping that bear trimmed or that crop clean for short periods, it can usually do the job well enough.

Here are some of our recommendations for electric travel shavers.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


Designed for dry shaves, this travel shaver uses a wide, flexible foil that can adjust to the contours of your face, allowing you to get a reasonably close and even shave every single time. It also comes with a small trimmer that slides out on the side, which you can use to trim longer beards and sideburns. Do note, that trimmer is very small, so if you plan to trim your beard instead of getting a close shave, this might not be the best shaver to take along (as in, it will take you forever).

What elevates the M90, however, are the inclusion of thoughtful features that make it excellent for travel. There’s a rotating cap, for instance, that can lock and cover the foil during transport, ensuring it doesn’t get in contact with any stuff in your luggage, all while serving as part of the handle when the shaver is in use. It also uses readily-available AA batteries for power, so you don’t have to worry about compatible outlets, all while getting two weeks’ worth of use from a fresh batch of two each time out (it can run for 60 minutes straight). This means, you can also easily remove the batteries before packing it, which should eliminate any chance of accidentally switching on while it’s still inside your luggage. There’s even an integrated cleaning brush that stores at the bottom for easy access.

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Panasonic Electric Travel Shaver


Like the Braun above, it’s very compact, making it very convenient to bring along, all while having a removable cap to cover the blades during transport. Even better, the power button won’t activate whenever the cap is snapped on, so there’s no chance it can be accidentally switched on while it sits in your luggage. It also uses two AA batteries, making it convenient to power during travel.

What we like best about this travel shaver, though, is the fact that it works both wet and dry. That means, you can use this with shaving cream on your face, allowing you to get much closer shaves, while a powerful 8500 linear motor gives it a bit more muscle than your average travel shaver.

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MAX-T Cordless Foil Shaver


We’ve already talked about the downsides of rechargeable electric shavers when you’re in traveling in other countries, as it forces you to fuss about adapters, outlets, and all that. This MAX-T Cordless Foil Shaver gets over that obstacle by allowing charging via USB, so you can charge on a laptop, power bank, or any other device with a powered USB slot.

While the brand may not be known, this dual-headed foil razor actually comes with a strong motor (9000 rpm max) that enables it to provide a reasonably clean shave (easily the best shave out of any USB-charging shaver we tried), although you’ll need to brush the head regularly as it tends to accumulate fine hair pretty fast. It comes with a cover for the head, too, although there’s no travel lock, so you’ll want to secure it in a pocket where accidental switching isn’t likely to happen.

Do note, this is also bigger than the usual USB-powered shavers we’ve seen, although the close, clean shave it provides definitely makes it worth the extra size.

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Panasonic Hybrid Shaver and Trimmer (ES-LL41-K)


If you don’t just want clean shaves during travel, but want to actually style your beard with a trimmer, then you have to get a bigger shaver. Sadly, we really can’t find one in that category that uses those convenient AA batteries, so you’ll have to make do with one that houses a rechargeable module instead.

While there are plenty of those, we’ve found this wet and dry Panasonic model to hit the right balance of versatility and portability, as it’s small enough to use as a viable shaver for travel while facilitating both close shaves and stylish trims alike. It uses two foil heads and one slit blade in between them to provide a really clean shave, as well as a powerful 13,000 CPM motor quietly delivers the necessary power to cut off even longer beards. Two comb attachments allow you to use it to trim long beard evenly (with seven available trim lengths), while a pop-up trimmer allows for careful detailing and edging. It also includes a cap to protect the head during transport.

The catch? It doesn’t have a travel lock, so there’s always the risk of accidental switching, and doesn’t ship with a carrying case either, so your best recourse is to integrate it somewhere in your dopp kit. Couple that with having to plug into an outlet and it may not be the best for travel, but if you’re meticulous about maintaining your facial hair on the road, this might just be your best bet at getting it done.

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