Bellroy Notebook Cover If you carry a pocket-sized notebook, you might as well protect it from the hazards of everyday life. This handsome leather cover should do the trick.


I admit: I fully expected notebooks to go the way of the dinosaur after smartphones became ubiquitous, being relegated to the gear bag of students and folks who need to physically jot down a lot of stuff. Instead, notebooks have remained significant, continuing to be a preferred way for people from various fields to take down ideas, keep up with their thoughts, and take a much-needed break from rectangular displays. If you carry a small notebook along everywhere you go, you might want to pick up Bellroy’s fine-looking Notebook Cover to accompany it.

Sized to hold 3.5 x 5.5 inch notebooks, it should handle most of the pocket-sized offerings in the market, from Field Notes and Moleskine to Rhodia and everything else. Just slide your notebook’s back cover into the sleeve and it’s set. It’s a great way to give your writing accessory an aesthetic upgrade, all while doubling as a handy place to store pens and other small items.


The Bellroy Notebook Cover is made from vegetable-tanned leather, ensuring it can deliver better protection for your notebooks and sketchpads, with a low-profile magnet closure to ensure it never accidentally snaps open. Debossed detailing on the spine allows you to clip a pen in place, with added storage on the opposite side making for a great place to store credit cards, business cards, and bills. And, yes, it can double as a travel wallet, with the notebook sleeve serving as a suitable storage area for passports and other travel documents.


Available in five colors, the Bellroy Notebook Cover is priced at $79.95.

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