Beast B10 Blender Bigger, heavier, and sturdier than other personal blenders, it injects fresh life into the erstwhile humdrum and stale category.

Yes, we’re big fans of personal blenders, with their combination of compact size and big power churning out single-serve smoothies in a jiffy. Most personal blenders we’ve seen, though, are designed for utility, making them far from the sturdiest-looking appliance in the kitchen counter. The Beast B10 Blender seems to be on a mission to change that.

Seriously, it doesn’t even look like a personal blender at first glance. We would have guessed some kind of work light, as it looks hardwearing enough to survive the hazards of job sites and workshops. If you’re used to personal blenders looking like flimsy appliances that will break after one drop, seeing this thing with its burly constitution absolutely offers a reassuring change of pace.

The Beast B10 Blender is a stylish-looking object that looks more like home décor than a kitchen appliance. Seriously, just look at the darn thing. Despite the eye-pleasing aesthetics, it’s built for sturdy performance, incorporating a substantial-looking base that feels heavier and sturdier than your standard personal blender. Instead of a plastic shell, it has a housing cut in CNC-machined aluminum that’s powder-coated, making it feel more premium than whatever make or model of blender you currently use to make your single-serve smoothies. The base is very wide, so it will never tip over, with TPE on the exterior providing a stronger grip even on wet counters.

Inside, it’s powered by a 1,000-watt motor, so it’s right up there in whirring power along with other premium personal blenders, with internal sensors keeping tabs on blade speed and making rapid adjustments on the fly to maintain consistent pace and torque throughout each blending session. It also has sensors monitoring temperature at all times to ensure it never overheats even when you’re blending hot liquids, so it’s completely safe to use even when you’re stocking up on blended drinks.

The Beast B10 Blender comes with a button on the body that lets you start and stop the motor, which should be a lot easier to use than the push-top design prevalent in the category. It comes in two speeds, pulse and blend, with the former allowing you to manually control the whirring action and the latter going on a pre-programmed minute-long blending cycle. In both instances, it does the blending inside a thicker-than-usual cup with the interior covered in a 12-rib design. According to the outfit, those ribs create additional turbulence inside that further optimize the process, creating what the outfit describes as “the smoothest blends.” The outfit claims it’s fully leak-proof, so there won’t be any instances of liquids dripping off the sides of the cup down to the counter.

At the size, this thing does look bigger than your typical personal blender, which is much of the reason why it’s a lot sturdier. As such, if you put a premium on size, it might not be the upgrade you want. If you use the personal blender regularly, however, the good looks, sturdy base, and powerful operation all feel like they’re worth the extra size it brings.

The Beast B10 Blender is available now, priced at $138.

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