The Rage Room Billed as a “cost-effective alternative for stress relief,” the Rage Room is a facility where you can smash everything in sight with a baseball bat.


Sometimes, we just need to smash stuff. Whether it’s to relieve stress, manage anxiety, or keep ourselves from strangling the supervisor at work, a simple destructive whack of a baseball bat can really make a difference. That’s when a place like the Rage Room can come in handy.

Described as a “cost-effective alternative for stress relief,” it’s an enclosed space in Toronto’s Battle Sports facility where you can take a baseball bat and smash everything in sight. Really. They offer a rich selection of items you can destroy, including picture frames, vases, glasses, plates, and more, with the option to bring your own stuff to smash (although they’ll have to pre-approve everything to make sure it’s safe).


You will, of course, be wearing protective gear the whole time you’re in the Rage Room, so you can destroy stuff freely without having to worry about coming home with cuts and scrapes. They supply face masks, full body suits, gloves, vests, and more, so as long as you don’t intentionally thrust one of the broken plates on your face, you should be fine. Oh yeah, you should bring your own shoes, preferably thick ones like boots or basketball kicks (maybe avoid the lightweight trainers).


Like other activities that involve breaking stuff, it can get pretty costly. While the entry is just $20 for 30 minutes in the Rage Room, you’ll have to pay for all the items you’re going to destroy. With a plate costing two bucks, a chair costing $20, and a vase going for $5, it can easily add up. Those bringing their own stuff to destroy just need to pay an extra $20 for corkage.

You can now book sessions in the Rage Room from the Battle Sports website.