Ball Aluminum Cups An alternative to solo plastic cups, these aluminum cups are also disposable, while being more viable for recycling.

Summer drinking parties are great. All the mess we leave behind? Not so much. That includes those disposable cups that are ubiquitous at parties and gatherings, which heavily contribute to the plastic mess that we’re all dealing with today. As great as reusable cups like the Yeti Lowball are as an alternative to red solo cups, the reality is, they’re not as convenient, which is why most people will still opt for the throwaway party standard. The Ball Aluminum Cups offer a potentially viable alternative.

Designed to be as convenient as red solo cups, these drinking vessels are relatively cheap, so you can use them and throw them away without hurting your wallet too much. Unlike them, though, it trades in the plastic build for aluminum, making them both reusable (if you don’t mind taking it home for cleaning) and recyclable (if you decide to chuck them away). Why is it better? According to the outfit, aluminum is more popularly recycled compared to plastic, with around 75 percent of all aluminum ever produced still used today, so there’s a better chance your disposed cups won’t end up in a landfill or, worse, in a waterway somewhere.

The Ball Aluminum Cups are drinking vessels made entirely from aluminum, so they can be recycled just like any beverage can. No, it’s not as thick as the beverage cans you buy from the local bodega, since you don’t need to store drinks in them for long periods, but it’s substantial enough that you won’t accidentally squeeze it with a  firm grip like you would a traditional single-use plastic cup, so it’s a whole lot sturdier. Do note, we have a feeling this will probably crumble if you accidentally sit on it, though (we have a feeling you’re a little heavy), so don’t do that.

Being made from aluminum with the classic silver finish, it also looks a lot nicer than plastic, so it could elevate your erstwhile casual get-togethers by even just a bit. Don’t get us wrong, it still feels pretty casual (the cups have branding labels on the sides, after all), but chugging suds out of an aluminum cup does sound a bit more refined than downing them off flimsy plastic.

The Ball Aluminum Cups come in two sizes: 16 ounces and 20 ounces, so you can go small or go big, depending on how much you want your guests to drink. They’re sold in bulk packs, by the way, similar to other disposable cups, so you can easily stock up on these things for your own use during your summer adventures. According to the outfit, it has that “cool touch” experience that you get when drinking out of metal cups. We don’t know if they actually believe that as an upside or they’re trying to convince us of it, but yeah, expect your hands to feel cold, wet, and clammy when chugging cold drinks out of these things. Hey, for less plastic waste, it’s a fair trade-off to make. Of course, you can also slap these insulated wraps on your cup.

The Ball Aluminum Cups are available now.

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