Alps & Meters Alpine Hooded Vest This hooded vest will keep you warm and sheltered from the elements, while freeing up your arms and shoulders so you can stay active all day long.


No, I’ve never worn a vest with a hood. I mean, why would you protect your head and leave your arms exposed? Regardless, that’s exactly what you can get with Alps & Meters’ badass Alpine Hooded Vest.

Designed for the colder months of the year, it keeps your torso duly insulated while freeing up your arms and shoulders, ensuring you have full mobility for whatever tasks you have on hand. Being a vest, it adds a whole range of flexibility to your layering options, too, since you can wear it over a shirt, under a jacket, or any other way that will suit your outfit for the day.


The Alps & Meters Alpine Hooded Vest has a shell made from wool, with a waterproof interior membrane and lightweight down fill insulation to keep you toasty while you engage in your favorite alpine activities. A removable hood and wool face fabric provides additional protection when the weather is a little less forgiving, while full-grain shoulder panels reinforce it for more durable function. It comes in a roomy fit to provide plenty of room for layering underneath.


Features include side vents for extra breathability, dual-entry water-resistant utility pockets, a reflective emergency orange lining for extra visibility, and snap button closures. The hood is big enough to accommodate a helmet, too, so you can wear it while skiing, sledding, and other sports activities.

Available now, the Alps & Meters Alpine Hooded Vest is priced at $315.

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