Adidas Adilette Clogs Don't want to wear Crocs, but keep being tempted by how comfortable it looks? Maybe wear Adidas' version of the foam clogs instead.

Crocs are awesome. They offer great arch support, deliver generous ventilation, and provide sufficient protection, on top of being incredibly comfortable. Sure, it’s the sneaker equivalent of baggy sweatpants as far as style is concerned, but when comfort is at a premium, it’s exactly what you want on your feet. In case you can’t bring yourself to wear a pair of Crocs after making fun of half your friends who own one, maybe you’ll feel a lot better wearing the Adidas Adilette Clogs instead.

That’s right, Adidas went ahead and made their own pair of Crocs, so you can lounge around in the same comfortable footwear while still retaining some amount of street cred with the three stripes on it. Yes, it’s just as goofy-looking as the Crocs your uncle wears to the grocery every Sunday, but maybe having that iconic logo on there can soften the shameful blow just a tiny bit.

The Adidas Adilette Clogs embrace the design elements of the much-maligned foam clog, from the roomy shape and the open rear to the strategic perforations and generally casual aesthetic. It ditches the strap in the back, so it’s a more straight-up slip-on in the vein of the Adidas Slide or the Stan Smith Slip-Ons, allowing you to slip in and out of the shoe without any extra motions. In fact, the outfit claims they based it on the Slide, although we all know what kind of foam footwear actually inspired this thing into life. Yes, the one named after the long-jawed reptile that can probably bite off your arm in one chomp.

According to Adidas, these are “sport-inspired clogs.” We’re not entirely sure what sport means in this context, since we doubt you’ll want to play basketball, baseball, or even tag wearing this thing. Yeah, this thing doesn’t scream “athleisure” whatsoever. We do admit, however, this is the kind of thing we won’t mind wearing to the pool for some laps, the gym for some casual resistance training, and, pretty much, everywhere that won’t demand much more of your footwear than to give your feet comfort.

The Adidas Adilette Clogs are made with synthetic material for both the upper and the outsole. They don’t actually say what that synthetic material is, so we just assume it’s some kind of foam resin, much like any pair of Crocs and everything like it. It does have a contoured EVA foam footbed, which should make it comfortable to slip on, although we do wish they made the outsole with a little more grip than your average clogs, so it’s easier to wear around wet surfaces.

Based on product images, it does look a lot less objectionable aesthetically compared to the typical clog out there. The shape just feels a little more subdued. Plus, they only make it in two colors, black and white, both of which are classic enough to keep things tasteful, even if you’re prancing around all day in a lazy and slouchy pair of slip-ons.

The Adidas Adilette Clogs are available now, priced at $45.

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