Zygospec AirFly Floating Sunglasses These sports sunglasses replace the nose pads with customizable support on top of your cheekbones, making them more comfortable and secure.

Regardless of what sports sunglasses you’re using, they all have, pretty much, the same standard elements, such as temples to secure them on the side of your head, a wraparound design to cover every angle, and nose pads to keep them from falling off your face. Yes, even Oakley’s weird Cyclops sunglasses. It’s a straightforward design that works. The Zygospec AirFly, however, is looking to change that by removing the nose pad entirely.

Why remove the nose pad? According to the outfit, removing the nose pad makes the eyewear more comfortable, apart from eliminating those ugly marks on the bridge of your nose that’s always there after you remove the sunglasses. But won’t it fall off your face without nose support? Well, it probably would if that’s all they did, but that isn’t the case.

The Zygospec AirFly actually replaced the nose pads with side pads mounted beneath the front of the temple arms, essentially supporting the eyewear using your cheekbones instead of your nose bridge. The result is a pair of sunglasses that never touch the bridge of your nose, instead just hovering there like they’re somehow floating on your face. According to the outfit, this design removes the pressure usually exerted on the bridge of your nose and distributes it more evenly across your face, making the eyewear feel more comfortable even during extended wear. It’s also supposed to eliminate foggy lenses, since it removes one potential airflow hindrance in the nose pads.

The side pads are adjustable a full 360-degrees, allowing you to tailor the fit exactly to the shape of your face. You can leave it a little loose when you’re doing a light bike ride or push it in tight when you’re doing a hard trail run, making it possible to customize the fit on the fly according to what you need at the moment. Suffice to say, this will offer a more tailored fit that nose pads just won’t be able to match. The side pads, by the way, are made with a titanium core for durable function, with a non-slip elastomer coating to keep them in place at all times.

The Zygospec AirFly also comes with flexible stainless steel core on the temple arms, allowing their fit to be loosened and tightened on the fly. This enables additional customization for the fit, all while further distributing the weight all the way to the back of the temples, so your sports sunglasses can feel much lighter. Because of this customizable fit, the eyewear should fit, pretty much, everyone, with no need to swap any parts at any point.

They offer two styles of sunglasses: 7C and 6C. The 7C, basically, has a high cutout area between the two sides of the lens, making it ideal for people with a higher nose bridge, while the 6C has a lower cutout for individuals with a less prominent nose bridge. It can be ordered with photochromic or polarized lenses.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Zygospec AirFly. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $88.

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