Yeti Rambler Bottles These stainless steel water bottles come with double-wall insulation, a no-sweat design, and large mouths that make them convenient to both clean and use.


We’re big fans of Yeti’s Rambler line of drinkware and we’re guessing the same is true of a lot of folks. That’s because the collection seems to be growing even bigger, with these Rambler Bottles coming in as the latest addition.

Like the rest of the line, the water bottles come with highly-insulated walls, allowing them to keep both hot coffee and cold beer close to their original temperatures. Whether for bringing your own supply of home-brewed coffee to work, keeping chilled water by your side during workouts, or for bringing to camp, these things should make for ideal gear to carry your refreshments.


Billed as a next-level insulated bottle, Yeti’s Rambler Bottles come in three sizes: 18oz., 36oz., and 64oz., so you can equip yourself with the right amount of thirst-quenching beverage while on the go. Each one comes with 18/8 stainless steel construction that should handily survive drops, falls, and being thrown against a rock that one time you get really pissed off, along with double-wall insulation and a “no-sweat” design that prevents condensation from collecting around its body. All three get a leak-proof and insulated cap, with an accompanying handle up top.


Annoyed at the narrow mouths of water bottles you’ve owned? Not the case here, since the mouths on these bottles are designed to cover both your mouth and nose, making them more convenient to use, whether you’re filling up on drinks, dumping a scoop of protein powder in, or hand-washing at home.

The Yeti Rambler Bottles are priced starting at $39.99.

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