YETI Crossroads Duffel YETI's newest duffel bag combines a structured shell with built-in dividers and compression straps to organize your gear during trips.

We’re big fans of YETI’s coolers, with their indestructible build, high levels of insulation, and all around rugged aesthetics. They make arguably the best coolers in the world. This time around, the outfit looks to bring that same focus on durability and function to bags with the YETI Crossroads Duffel.

No, it doesn’t look like a cooler. No, it’s not insulated like their cooler bags either. And no, you probably don’t want to abuse it the same way people abuse their YETI coolers online to show just how tough they are. Because… you know… it’s a bag and it’s designed to hold up to the way people use bags. That means, it should shrug off all the handling, throwing, and knocking around it’s bound to experience when you bring it along during travel, but we doubt it can handle getting shot, being attacked by bears, and all the other nasty things we’ve seen done to coolers over the years.

The YETI Crossroads Duffel is a structured bag that uses foam walls to hold its shape even when empty, instead of drooping and sinking the way most duffels do. That way, your bag always looks the same, regardless of how much stuff you’re actually carrying inside. It has a main compartment designed for stashing your stuff in an organized manner, with interior pockets and two deployable dividers making it easy to separate contents into distinct piles when it’s needed.

You know how duffels either droop from having too much empty space or look blown up from packing too much stuff? Well, this one should help minimize the latter, as the main compartment is equipped with compression straps that you can use to keep its contents tightly packed. According to the outfit, the straps can be taken off their spot inside and used externally, too, essentially compressing your gear from outside the bag, which is ideal when you’re carrying a lot of small and loose stuff of varying sizes.

The YETI Crossroads Duffel comes in two sizes: 40 liters and 60 liters. According to the outfit, the former is carry-on compatible, making it ideal for overnight excursions and daily workout sessions, while the latter is a checked bag that will be better used for long trips and extended vacations. Basically, you take the 40-liter duffel to pack clothes and supplies that can last you a weekend, while relying on the 60-liter when you want to bring two extra pairs of shoes, your favorite weighted blanket, and enough stuff to last you for much longer.

Both sizes of bags are made from Tuffskin Nylon, which is a reasonably durable material that should handle the demanding requirements of travel and daily use. It’s not stain-proof, though, although the nylon shell should be easily spot-cleaned with a simple detergent and a wash cloth. YETI, by the way, doesn’t recommend these for the most rugged outdoor adventures, as those situations should be best handled using bags from their 100 percent waterproof Panga collection.

The YETI Crossroads Duffel is available in three colors, priced at $199.99 for the 40-liter and $249.99 for the 60-liter.

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