Wyze Headphones These $50 headphones boast active noise canceling, sound transparency levels, and other features typically found on more expensive models.

Noise-canceling headphones aren’t new. In fact, they’ve been around for years, with Bose bearing the gold standard in the category for a long time. During the last few years, though, we’ve increasingly seen other companies narrow the gap in noise-canceling tech, so much so that we’ve begun seeing noise-canceling capabilities on headphones sold at affordable prices. The Wyze Headphones take that affordability to a whole new level, coming in at a price normally reserved for cans without much bells and whistles.

That’s right, the company best known for making feature-packed smart cameras and smart doorbells at incredibly low prices is now turning their attention to noise-canceling headphones. And just like their other products, they’re competing on price, bringing comparable capabilities as more expensive brands in the category while coming in with bargain-level price tags.

The Wyze Headphones are over-the-ear cans that boast active noise cancellation using a quartet of microphones that pick up outside noise and alters them in such a way that they’re reduced to a whisper, allowing you to eliminate a whole load of sounds that will otherwise interfere with your listening enjoyment. It even has a Transparency Mode that will let you adjust how quiet it will render the outside noise, so you can have some amount of sound going in for those times you want to stay aware of your surroundings while still minimizing ambient noise.

It’s equipped with dual 40mm composite diaphragm drivers that deliver a range of frequencies up to 38KHz, which, the outfit claims, allows the cans to deliver crisp highs, stable mids, and a deep bass. When paired with the companion app, you can also tweak the sound using the digital equalizer, complete with a variety of presets for music, movies, gaming, and other types of content, so you can quickly tailor the sound when you switch from one type of audio to another.

The Wyze Headphones has sensors that allow it to detect whenever it’s worn and removed, allowing it to automatically pause playback when it’s not in use to help extend battery life. Touching the right ear cup allows you to manually pause playback and enable Transparency Mode (if it’s not on already), making it easy to quickly engage in a conversation as soon as you need to. You can also answer calls by quickly tapping on the headphones, with dual voice-isolating microphones ensuring you’re heard loud and clear on the other end of the call. And yes, it supports Alexa, so you can talk to Amazon’s virtual assistant even without an Echo speaker nearby.

It uses elongated earcups to ensure it covers the entirety of your ears, with 20mm memory foam for the cushion and a multilayer composite, both covered in protein leather, so this actually feels more premium than similarly-priced units. Other features include two Bluetooth connections at the same time, a combination of physical buttons and touch controls, and 20 hours of battery life.

With that feature set, the Wyze Headphones sound comparable to many $200 units. That’s why, it’s so impressive that the whole thing will retail for just $49.99 when it ships in November.

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