W&P Host Key A wine key and bottle opener combo, this sleek little tool should handle all of your bottle-popping needs.


No, you don’t need another bottle opener. However, you can still appreciate a cleverly-designed tool and that’s exactly what the W&P Host Key brings to your bottle-popping arsenal.

A wine key and bottle opener combo, this little tool should cover all of your bottle-opening needs. Whether you’re uncorking a bottle of wine for dinner, popping the cap on a beer bottle, or enjoying celebratory champagne during a party, this thing should handle it all with ease.


The W&P Host Key consists of a stainless steel ring with a hinged corkscrew attached on the edge. To open a bottle of wine, simply flip out the corkscrew and use the ring for leverage; to pop a bottle cap off, flip the corkscrew back to the center and use the business tip to pry off the cap. Easy. The ring is sized to slip around the neck of your wine or beer bottle, so you can keep it secure nearby while going through a bottle of Cabernet.


Since wine keys and bottle openers are prone to being misplaced, it’s bundled with a magnetic dock that you can affix to a wall right next to your mini-bar. It comes plated in five different color finishes.


Available now, the W&P Host Key is priced at $17.

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