Woolrich Felt Mill Loafer Keep your feet warm and comfortable indoors this winter with these toasty slip-ons from Woolrich.


With the cold weather putting an end to walking barefoot around the house, it’s time to pull out those toasty pair of slip-ons you have somewhere in the closet. Oh wait, one of your cousins took it the last time you had family over? Well, tough luck. Just pick up a new one. This Felt Mill Loafer from Woolrich sure looks up to the task.

Designed for indoor use all through the winter, these loafers will shield your feet from the cold, hard floor, all while keeping chilly air out to keep your lower extremities toasty. Whether you’re spending the day doing household chores, getting work done at home, or just enjoying a ballgame on TV, this thing should have you covered both day and night.


The Woolrich Felt Mill Loafers has a wool blend felt upper, with a soft fleece lining providing added warmth.  They pair that with a fleece-lined footbed for even greater toasty comfort, while rubber traction pods on the outsole give it excellent traction to ensure secure footing, whether you’re bingeing on Netflix in the living room, cooking a feast in the kitchen, or living out one of those days where you can’t muster the strength to leave the bedroom.


Available in gray and brown, the Woolrich Felt Mill Loafers are priced at $50.

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