Woodman’s Pal Machete Originally issued in the 1940s, this axe and machete hybrid remains incredibly handy in the backcountry even in our modern times.


The great thing about blades is they never go out of style. Take the Woodman’s Pal, for instance, which retains the same design it’s had since its use back in the 1940s, all without losing an inch of modern utility and function.

Originally issued to American soldiers who fought in the Pacific Theater during World War II, this axe and machete hybrid remains highly functional in the 21st century, making it a highly useful companion to have in the wild outdoors. Whether you’re exploring in the woods, hiking up a backcountry trail, or spending a weekend camping with the kids, this thing will find plenty of general and survival uses.


Woodman’s Pal measures 17 inches long, so it’s not exactly low-key, with the blade taking up almost half of that length. That steel blade measures an eighth of an inch thick, with an 8-inch long concave edge for serious cutting power and a 2-inch long hook on the head. How potent is the blade? According to the creators, it can slice through a 1.5-inch thick piece of green wood in one stroke, all while delivering the same slashing strength to vines, briars, and other thick bushy growth.

Despite the intimidating size, the whole thing weighs just 1.5 pounds, making it ideal for single-handed use. It comes with an optional leather sheath for safe handling and transport.

Available now, the Woodman’s Pal is priced at $96.50.

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