Wolf Watch Repair Tool Kit Watches need to be serviced periodically. If you own enough of them, why not do it yourself with this repair kit from German outfit, Wolf?


If you collect watches, then it makes sense to invest in a tool kit. Even if you don’t want to pry the case open when big problems arise, it will still be nice to have proper tools for basic jobs like swapping straps, resizing links, and polishing the case. The Wolf Watch Repair Tool Kit should have you covered.

To the unfamiliar, Wolf is a German label that’s well-renowned for beautifully-crafted watch boxes and watch winders. This time around, they assembled a durable set of precision tools for collectors who’d rather not have to visit a local shop every time their timepieces need some basic work done that they can do on their own.


The Wolf Watch Repair Tool Kit comes with three slotted screwdrivers (1.2mm, 1.4mm, and 1.6mm), three replacement driver heads, stainless steel needle nose pliers, and a spring bar tool with multi-use tips and a pin puncher. They also threw in a 10x magnifying eyepiece, so you can clearly see the watch parts when tinkering with the mechanism from a distance. All tools are housed in a compact faux leather case, with a zippered opening and a loop for hanging on a hook.


Available now, the Wolf Watch Repair Tool Kit is priced at $75.

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