Wolecraft Byron Carryall Pro A leather and wool felt portfolio, Wolecraft's latest can fit a 12-inch MacBook, with snap-magnet modules letting you add and remove extra compartments.


Like many portfolios, the Byron Carryall Pro is designed to serve as a bag alternative, allowing you to carry your daily work essentials on a compact handheld case. Unlike them, it comes with a customizable interior, allowing you to equip the bag to suit your ever-evolving daily needs.

Made by Wolecraft, the case comes with three magnetic snaps that allow you to attach and detach a modular compartment. Add them when you need the extra pockets and remove them when the basic portfolio will suffice, so you can have a case that offers exactly what you need and nothing more.


The Wolecraft Byron Carryall Pro comes with two of those inserts: one optimized for travel and another for everyday use, both measuring 8.7 x 6.7 inches (h x w), with leather and wool felt construction. The former comes with a large zippered pouch and a diagonal pouch on the right side, while the latter comes with a large zippered pouch, a leather strip with a metal snap, and a small pouch sized to fit a small notebook. And, yes, both inserts can be used on their own, making for quite the handy carriers on those days you’re packing light.


The main case measures 13.4 x 9.9 inches, with a large pouch sized to hold a 12-inch MacBook, a smaller pouch sized to hold a phone, six card slots, and straps with metal snaps for holding cables, sunglasses, and similar items. It comes in a leather and wool felt construction, with a YKK Excella zip closure.

A Kickstarter is currently running to fund the Wolecraft Byron Carryall Pro. Pledges to reserve a unit with inserts start at €182.