Windup Watch Shop Tool Watch Box This watch case holds a dozen of your favorite watches while looking like the red toolbox your dad brought out when stuff broke around the house.

If you own a decent amount of watches, it may be time to invest in a good watch case. No, not an EDC case with watch slots, but a dedicated storage for your favorite wrist candy. They make it easy to organize your timepieces, keep them clean inside a safe enclosure, and minimize the amount of space they take up in your room. If you’re ready to get a case for your small watch collection, you may want to check out the Windup Watch Shop Tool Watch Box.

Designed to resemble the classic red toolboxes of old (you know… the one your dad used to bring out when stuff breaks around the house), the watch case gives off a rugged vibe that’s perfect for its utilitarian nature. Sure, it’s not the kind of case for dedicated watch owners with dozens upon dozens of timepieces in their collection, but for folks maintaining a small horological rotation and new watch fans starting up a collection, it just might make for an ideal way to stash your timepieces.

The Tool Watch Box is a tabletop case measuring 13.25 x 7 x 4.25 inches (width x depth x height), so it’s small enough to find room in most dressers, nightstands, and shelves for convenient storage. Despite the compact size, it allots enough room for 12 individual watches, each on in its own compartment, so your timepieces are neatly organized the entire time. It comes with a dozen watch pillows, too (one for each compartment), so each watch is properly strapped and buckled, with no chance of the buckles ever scratching the case back. The pillow, by the way, are made with black and gray tweed, which, the outfit believes, gives it a hint of classic menswear aesthetics. Of course, you can trade in your own pillows if you have a different styling in mind.

The case itself is cut in heavy sheet metal, so it should feel as sturdy as your dad’s toolbox from back in the day, with large metal clasps to keep the lid closed as it sits in your dresser.  Strongbox-style metal handles on each side allow you to carry the box as carefully as you want (you don’t want to scratch any of those beauties), in case you want to move it from the closet to the mirror in order to try each one out.

The Tool Watch Box has a thick glass display window on the lid that’s large enough to let you see all 12 watches without having to open the case, so you can keep the darn thing closed if you just want to appreciate how nice that dial on the probably authentic Oris divers watch (fingers crossed) you got from eBay looks. Inside, it uses wooden dividers to separate each compartment, with each sectioned area able to accommodate watches up to 48mm in size, so it should fit everything but the wackiest oversized watches and those big-ass modern sports watches. The interior, by the way, is lined with black micro-suede to ensure it’s gentle on your timepieces, all while imparting a more luxurious aesthetic to the erstwhile rugged styling.

The Windup Watch Shop Tool Watch Box is available now, priced at $249.

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