Wind Warrior Enjoy the outdoors even on the windiest days with this 60-square-foot wind blocker, which can set up without any tools in just one minute.


While Wind Warrior can be the given name for any race vehicle (or even a race horse, for that matter), this thing isn’t about beating the clock. Instead, it’s wind blocker you can easily set up outdoors for those days when you’re trying to enjoy the clear skies, but strong gusts of wind keep getting in the way.

Able to block consistent winds up to 35 mph, the contraption lets you gather around the fire, prepare food at camp, or just chill at the hammock without the wind making things just a little harder than it has to be. It can even withstand strong gusts over 35 mph, although you’ll need play around with angled placements to ensure it sends the wind going off your direction without falling over.


Wind Warrior measures 10 x 6 feet (width x height), giving you 60 square feet of wind blocking surface to keep the strong gusts from ruining a nice al fresco picnic you’ve set up for the crew. Construction is a tight-weave, urethane-coated 420 denier nylon fabric that won’t fade or flap, with a steel framework that’s secured on the ground using plated stakes. The frame, by the way, comes with telescoping poles, so the entire thing can be collapsed into a transportable bundle. Do note, it packs around the size of a two-person tent, so it’s not exactly the kind of gear you might able to carry if you’re packing light.


Available now, the Wind Warrior is priced at $174.