Wilson Glide Tennis Shoe Glide plates on the outsole allow these tennis shoes to let you make controlled forward and lateral slides on hard courts when chasing after the ball.


One of the toughest things about tennis is having to run after the ball, requiring serious agility and lightning-fast response times if you’re really going to rise through the ranks. The Wilson Glide seeks to help out on that end, integrating novel technologies that enable players to go after the ball 30 percent faster.

Yes, that’s a very high rate of improvement – one that a lowly shoe wouldn’t traditionally be able to provide. But that’s because this is no ordinary shoe. Instead, it’s equipped with a unique facility that’s designed to help you slide in a controlled manner all over the court, giving you a way to enhance speed, agility, and quickness while doing nothing but slipping on a different pair of kicks.


The Wilson Glide achieves its revolutionary results by integrating strategically-placed glide plates at the outsole, allowing you to perform controlled forward and lateral slides when running after difficult shots. Duralast rubber surrounds both of the glide plates on each shoe, ensuring you have enough traction to pull the brakes and explode to the ball after finishing a slide. Granted, it requires a little bit of practice to get a hang of using the glide plates, but if you put in a lot of hours in your tennis game, this should be worth every minute of drilling.   Features include an Endofit tongue for intuitive fit and added stability, rubber-reinforced toe and drag pads to give you extra protection during sliding, and a durable construction that, Wilson claims, is meant to last longer than a standard tennis shoe.

The catch? The Wilson Glide is strictly for use in hard courts, so those who play on clay, grass, or any other of surfaces will still have to rely solely on their athleticism. It’s available now from select retailers, priced at $199.