Western Rise Versa Hat Designed to roll up without ruining its shape, this technical hat is perfect for taking during travel.

Hats are great – they shield your eyes from the sun, while covering up your disheveled hair. Problem is, we tend to buy hats based on looks with little care for their technical qualities, leaving us with hats that tend to perform pretty unsatisfactorily in various situations. The Western Rise Versa Hat is looking to change that.

You know how when you pack a hat in your luggage, the bill can end up crushed and misshapen? Yeah, that sucks. And you know how on hot days, your hat can end up soaking in your sweat and smelling like those sweaty gym clothes you left in the bag for three days? Yeah, that sucks, too. Well, this hat solves those problems and more.

The Western Rise Versa Hat is made with a four-way stretch fabric, allowing it to adjust on the fly for ultimate comfort during wear, with DWR coating and bonded seams ensuring it shrugs water off if you ever find yourself in inclement weather. The fabric is abrasion-resistant, too, so it won’t damage easily when you’re performing rowdy activities, complete with a UPF 50+ rating, so it won’t take any damage from too much sunlight exposure. They also used minimal hardware for the clip in the back, so there’s nothing in the hat that can bring you any discomfort.

Unlike most hats, it’s equipped with a crushable bill, allowing you to pack it into tight luggage without messing up its shape permanently, so you can roll it up, squeeze it in the corner of your suitcase, and take it right out for wearing as soon as you get to your hotel. It’s breathable, so your head can cool down to minimize sweating, while a moisture-wicking lining and sweatband will keep it from absorbing any sweat and developing a funky smell.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Western Rise Versa Hat. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $39.

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