Western Rise Granite Camp Pants 2.0 Built for climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, and hitting the town, these mountain pants strike the perfect balance in durability, mobility, and style.


If you’re going to camp up in the mountains, it’s best to be dressed for the part. That means, clothing that’s sturdy enough to survive slogging it through the rough outdoors while comfortable enough to keep you at your best the whole time. The Western Rise Granite Camp Pants 2.0 has all that, all while looking good enough to wear if you decide to leave the mountain cabin and spend the night partying at the local town bar.

Billed as pants for “climbing, hiking, biking, fishing, and town,” these trousers will serve you regardless of what you have planned for the day. Stretchy enough for movement, durable enough to shrug off hard brushes against rocks, and stylish enough not to make you look like a hermit, it’s exactly what your inner mountain man ordered.


The Western Rise Granite Camp Pants 2.0 is made from a blend of double-weave nylon and elasthane, with the former providing serious durability and the latter delivering substantial four-way stretch. A lean but roomy cut gives it a contemporary style while facilitating movement, with C6 water repellent coating to keep your legs dry even while spending the entire day wading on water.   It also comes with UPF 50+ treatment to spare you from potential sun damage.


For even better performance, it gets a three-inch gusset, mil-spec paracord drawstring closure, extra durable hem construction, a rubber-printed inner waistband for reinforced hold, and a reinforced reflective flip cuff. Other features include a Cordura knife wedge, mesh draining pockets, magnetic snap pockets on the back, a dedicated phone pocket, and a hidden pocket sized to hold a wallet.

Available now, the Western Rise Granite Camp Pants 2.0 is priced at $109.

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