Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt With a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, Western Rise's summer shirt will keep you clean and dry while enjoying the season's endless festivities.


From concert festivals and beach parties to backyard barbecues and stadium tailgates, the clear skies of summer pave the way for a whole host of outdoor merrymaking. While that makes for a lot of fun, it also makes for a lot of mess, with your clothes usually ending up drenched in sweat, covered in stains, and dripping in water. The Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt is built to handle all that and more.

Sporting a Nanotex hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, the shirt can brush off water, beer, sweat, and anything else the bustle of the summer throws your way, ensuring you can still look reasonably clean after an entire day of crazy fun. Granted, we can’t speak to how you’re going to smell after that, but, at least, the shirt will still look nice.


Like many of the outfit’s garments, the Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt comes with Western elements that give it just a hint of character, but holds back just enough to make it suitable as part of your everyday city outfits. With its muted colors, collared neckline, and pearl snap buttons, it looks nice enough to wear both to the office and to dinner later at night, too, with the breathable nylon-polyester blend material ensuring you can stay cool underneath.  Features include a two-way stretch for mobility, UPF 30+ to keep you protected from the sun, reflective piping under the collar, a hidden lanyard, and dual chest pockets.

Available now, the Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt is priced at $65.

Western Rise Eureka Shop Shirt First Impressions
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