Western Rise DryWeight Merino Henley While merino may be an all-year fabric, there are summer recreational activities that make it a little too hot for comfort. Wear this Henley shirt instead.


We don’t need to extol the virtues of merino fabric. I mean, we’ve done that plenty enough to risk sounding repetitive. Simply put, it might very well be the best all-natural performance fabric ever discovered. While merino is generally prescribed as all-season wear, truth is, there are many summer activities where dressing up in one is likely to leave you hotter than you probably wanted. The Western Rise Dryweight Merino Henley is designed for those situations.

Made from a blend of merino and Tencel, the fabric claims to provide better moisture management than traditional merino fabrics, making it more suited for high-moisture summer activities. You know, all that trail running, desert off-roading, and whatever other crazy shit you do for recreation during the hotter months of the year.


The Western Rise DryWeight Merino Henley sports all the classic Henley shirt elements, from the pullover design to the round neckline to the buttoned placket underneath it. It’s a pretty tailored garment, so it should wear just as well in the city as it does during adventures off the beaten path. According to the outfit, the garment should dry three times faster and provide 50 percent better cooling than comparable merino shirts, so it provides some serious technical performance on top of the stylish cut.


Features include a dropped tail, crush-proof rubber buttons, a hidden thumb hole at the cuff, and a lean cut that should flatter those beach muscles from all that aesthetic body building you’ve been doing. It comes in three colors: coal, moss, and clay.

Available now, the Western Rise DryWeight Merino Henley is priced at $98.

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